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mari kalkun /
dona francisca

Shawanawa is an authentic song of the Shawandawa people, also known as the Arara, from the Brazilian Amazon (state of Acre).
Mari Kalkum, in turn, is singing a traditional Estonian song titled Mõts ütenkuun, which is actually a “runosong” — a typical Estonian collective way of singing. 


triinu taul

Nokumana is a traditional ritualistic song of the Huni Kuin people, also known as the Kaxinawá. The Huni Kuin (which means “true people”) live on the Brazilian-Peruvian border in the Western Amazon. Nokumana is a powerful ritualistic chant that invokes the healing power of the elements of nature, the stars, consciousness and sacred geometry.


seto laulumehed

“Ohj Ohj à Gorá” is a traditional song of the Ikolen people, also known as the Gavião, which means “hawk”. 

Here, this chant is interpreted by a traditional group of singers from the Seto people, in Leelo style (Seto traditional polyphonic singing).



Kasserin is a old traditional song of the Kulina, an indigenous people of Brazil and Peru.

Story goes that chief Tuim Kuru of Yawanawa people heard it from Kulina people when they had common ceremonies. Then the song was introduced more widely around these areas of Amazon and thats how Rändaja heard it in 2013 June in a small village of Huni Kuin people called Lago Lindo near Jordao.

1ShawanawaMari Kalkun and Dona Francisca
2NokumanaTriinu Taul
3GoráSeto Laulumehed
5Kaiapó unenäguMick Pedaja
6NhamanduLiisi Koikson and Laulupesa
7Ni naia naia neTxana Bane, Triinu Taul, Meister Jaan
8Rite of NatureKristin Kalnapenk
9Ôwy ôwynanyEmma, Rändaja, Elina Naan
10Pamé dawôroEduardo Agni and Triinu Taul
11Tchori tchoriLiisi Koikson
12Ju ParanaLaulupesa and Eduardo Agni
14DoyandiShawan Cawanbys
15EtikaruJarek Kasar and Laulupesa