Profitable Online Table Meetings

The people of your nonprofit board of directors will be humans (unless you live in the future where we’ve recently been overtaken simply by computer overlords). This means that they are not the immune system to the disruptions that come with a remote setting. Whilst it’s easy to focus during an in-person meeting, it can be difficult to resist the temptation to grab a cup of coffee or perhaps check e-mail when youre in a virtual environment.

To be sure that your electronic board meetings are effective, you will need to build a collaborative and engaging environment that fosters trustworthiness and visibility. This means encouraging participants to talk about dissenting viewpoints, even in front of fellow board participants and management. This may look and feel uncomfortable for some, but it may be vital to a safe space that can support informed decisions and effective decision-making.

In order to keep virtual get togethers on track, you will need to establish the curriculum carefully. Will include a goal for every discussion topic – if that’s to get to a decision, generate ideas or share an update – and limit the size of each issue. This will help you stay on track and avoid long-winded chats that take up precious meeting period. Finally, make certain that someone can be assigned to taking complete notes each and every meeting. This will help to ensure that everyone has the ability to revisit the data mentioned later.

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