Estonia meets amazonia

About Concert

METSA KENE – Estonia Meets Amazonia / Estonia meets Amazonas “is an international music project, in the framework of which a sound album book of the same name has been completed.

METSA KENE brings to the listeners traditional indigenous songs from different Amazonian tribes. The songs have received a fresh arrangement in the performance of beloved Estonian musicians, thus creating an outrageous musical alchemy. Estonian traditional instruments such as kannel, Hiiu kannel, bagpipe and percussion are included in the creation.

Mari Kalkun, Triinu Taul, Liisi Koikson, Mick Pedaja, Rändaja, Seto singers, Puuluup, “Laulupesa” children’s choir from Tartu, Jarek Kasar, Meister Jaan, Kristin Kalnapenk, Emma Johanna Lepasoo, Elina Naan, Mihkel Mälgand, Raun Juur will perform at the concert others.

Special guests from Brazil include Txana Bane (Huni Kuin Tribe / BRA) and Txai Fernando (BRA). The artistic director of the concert is the Brazilian composer and musician Eduardo Agni.

The aim of the music project is to draw attention to the importance of preserving native forests and the indigenous peoples who still preserve forests and their traditional habitats.

The concert will feature a newly released 100-page audio album, which includes a CD with 16 songs, a digital download code, song lyrics, translations, and plenty of information and footage about the tribes.

Eduardo Agni, author and producer of the idea of ​​Metsa Kene
The artistic director of the concert is Kadri Rinaldo
Concert visual artist – Okeiko
Evening host, texts – Ketlin Kaljas
Project manager – Indrek Tammoja
Marketing Coordinator – Merliis Sulg
Media Coordinator – Omida Velviste
Concert manager – Mihkel Sirelpuu
Lighting artist – Meelis Lusmägi
Alexela Concert Hall organization – Priit Rebane

Special thanks for supporting the project – Kalev Järvelill, Alexela Concert Hall.


Date: 17. september
Time: 19.00
Location: Alexela Concert hall

Event: Live music
For who: Every age groups
Organizer: MTÜ Living Gaia Estonia